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This Blog “section” holds information about architecture, art, the manmade landscape.

You will also find articles written by and about Jorn Utzon.


Visions for the Utzon Center

The idea I presented to your father, was that the Utzon Center should be a home for the preservation, study and exhibition of his work, together with that also of his father; that made the connection from the Aalborg shipyard and his yacht designs to your father’s design of the…

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The Importance Of Architects

The importance of architects

Human beings experience the surroundings in different degrees. If you have an extreme sensitivity for the impact of the light and shapes, colour and space which are surrounding you, you have the inborne qualities of an architect and an artist. If you are not just receptive but also have a creative talent…

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The Innermost Beeing Of Architecture

The innermost Beeing of Architecture

We put everything in relation to ourselves. Our surroundings influence us through their relative size, light, shade, colour etc. Our condition depends entirely on whether we are in a city or out in the countryside, on whether the space in which we find ourselves is large or small. Our reactions…

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Jan About Jorn Utzon

Jan Utzon about Jørn Utzon

I think back on my life with my father with great joy and love. To be allowed to spend so much time together with such a re­markable man, father and architect, has been a great privilege. He was the most positive person I have ever met. He never talked about…

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Danish Architect Working In Africa

Dansk arkitekt med arbejde i udlandet

Man skulle måske umiddelbart tro, at det er mere kompliceret at bygge i udlandet end herhjemme. I Danmark har vi jo udviklet en avanceret byggeteknik og en dygtig styring af de processer der indgår i byggeriet, lige fra bygherrens første spæde ønsker, til byggeriet er indviet, eet års gennemgangen er…

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