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From the left: Jan, Kim, Lin, Lis and Jorn Utzon




Jan Utzon (1944 -)

Jan grew up with architecture as the main theme of influence during his childhood.

He studied architecture in Sydney and Copenhagen, and graduated spring 1970.

After graduation, Jan worked in various offices in Denmark, and with Jorn Utzon, Utzon architects on a Church in Copenhagen and other national projects. In 1971, we participated in a competition to design the new National Assembly Complex in Kuwait.

After winning this competition, we developed the project, and in a short pause in this important work (pending the resolution of a political issue in Kuwait), he worked in Honolulu and became registered as an architect in Hawaii.

From 1975, Jan worked with Utzon architects on the Kuwait National Assembly Complex project, until its completion in 1983.

From 1976 until now, Jan has been involved in a wide variety of works with Jorn Utzon; Utzon associates architects, in Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, USA, China, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, Mexico, Fiji and Australia.

From 1999, Jan has been involved in the refurbishment of the Sydney Opera House.

During the last 25 years, Jan Utzon has been head of our office in Denmark and abroad.


Jørn Utzon (1918-2008)

Jorn Utzon was born in Copenhagen. He grew up next to a large naval shipyard in Aalborg, managed by his father Aage Utzon, who was also a naval architect and yacht designer.

In 1942 Jorn Utzon completed his studies at the Royal Academy for Architects in Copenhagen. After extensive travels in Morocco, USA and Mexico from 1946-49 he established his own practice.

In 1957 Jorn Utzon won the international competition for a new Opera House in Sydney, a project that took up his time until he left Australia in 1966.

After Sydney Jorn Utzon continued to develop a new theatre complex for Zurich, Switzerland

The next large project, won in an international competition, was for the National Assembly for Kuwait, done in collaboration with Jan Utzon

Bagsvaerd church in Denmark was completed in 1975

In 1997 ”utzon architects” completed a new theatre/concert hall in Esbjerg.

From 1999 Jorn Utzon was, until his passing in 2008, with his son Jan Utzon and the architectural practice of Johnson, Pilton, Walker of Sydney, involved in the planning of the refurbishment of the Sydney Opera House, including a project for a complete make-over of the Opera Theatre.


Aage Utzon (1885-1970)

Aage Utzon grew up in the small town of Hellebaek, where his father Hans Jørgen Utzon was the dye (colour) expert in the local textile factory.

After school, he became an engineer and completed his education at the Armstrong College for naval architects in England.

Throughout his life as an engineer, naval architect and leader of several large commercial shipyards, Aage Utzon in his spare time worked with and developed a wide range of yachts. He designed a variety of double-ended sailboats that were subsequently built by the many different shipyards and boat builders in Denmark. It was a time when every boat was made according to the specifications of the client and of course to the certain class rules that permitted the boats the race against one another. He was very successful in this and is well recognized and respected because of these designs.

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Lin Utzon (1946 – )

Jan Utzon’s sister Lin is an internationally known artist.


Jeppe Utzon (1970 -)

Like his father – Jan – Jeppe works as an architect with his own architecture and design firm.

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