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More than 60 years of dedicated work and experience

Utzon associates architects originally began with Jørn Utzon setting up his practice as an architect in the late 1940es.

During the past 60 years, utzon associates architects have been involved in a wide range of projects of very different scales. We have developed smaller items as a telephone box and furniture, or large projects like the Sydney Opera House and the parliament in Kuwait, which is a government administration building.

We have been involved in residential units and urban developments, in projects for churches, for the theatres and other buildings for the performing arts, like the Sydney Opera House.

We have made projects for office buildings, sports facilities, educational buildings like schools and universities.

Our practice has been involved in many projects in various countries around the world.

On specific projects we have worked in collaboration with other architects in Australia, China, Africa, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

As “utzon associates architects” undertake a wide range of projects worldwide, we often collaborate with local consultants.

In these cases, our work consists in creating the conceptual design, the “Utzon-project”, and leaving the building application, working drawings and other documentation to local architects and engineers.

We are therefore happy to provide you with a preliminary project of a unique design, to be implemented by local professionals. This will ensure a sensible economy wherever the project is located.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project in mind.

Clients and prospective clients are always welcome to contact us.

Architecture / Projects

See cases and be inspired for your next building project.


Furniture, sculptures, and art created by Jan and Jorn Utzon.


Book Jan for an interesting and enlightening lecture.

Utzon - the history

See the highlights of the Utzon family through 4 generations.

Design principles

utzon design principle


When designing a structure, a building or even a light fixture, we find it of outmost importance to utilize every quality of the settings, the materials chosen, the construction methods, the available and agreed economy and not least, the dreams of our client.

utzon design principle


An important aspect in our work is to keep agreed deadlines. Together with completing a project within the stipulated budget, it is our pride to keep the mutually agreed deadlines. Our client is satisfied and it makes everybody happy.

utzon design principle


Whatever project we undertake, we ensure that the result is functional for the client and for its purpose. However, we aim to add the extra effort and design considerations that makes this particular project unique, and by doing so creating added value for our client, for the users and for the surrounding society.

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