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Our office attracts interests from many sides

Many students of architecture and architects contact us to about information and material about our projects and practice.

In the same manner we are often approached by people wanting to write books or make movies about Jørn Utzon and our work. However, due to the number of these requests we cannot always assist you directly.

We do not have the resources to answer everybody.

The list present sources among which you may find the answers for many of your questions.

Please be advised that some of these books and articles may only be available in limited numbers but please look at the title and the publishers for guidance on how to obtain the material.

Publications we recommend


by Richard Weston

ISBN: 87-88978-98-2

Jørn Utzon. Works and projects

by Jaime J. Ferrer Forés

ISBN: 987-84-252-2060-9

Building a masterpiece: the Sydney Opera House

by Anne Watson

ISBN: 0-85331-941-3

Utzon and the new tradition

by Christian Norberg-Schultz

ISBN: 87-7407-313-3

Utzon’s own houses

by Michael Asgaard Andersen and Tobias Faber

ISBN: 87-7407-316-8

Jørn Utzon Sydney Opera House

by Katarina Stübe and Jan Utzon

ISBN: 978-0-9806123-0-1

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