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Jan Utzon is happy to give a talk about the utzon associates architects practice and about the work of his father Jørn Utzon

The talks will normally be accompanied by images of various projects.

The talks will try to illustrate the way in which architects work.

“I will give examples of the design process, the relationship with the clients, with the authorities and with the craftsmen and trades people involved in carrying out the structures in the projects. I will also try to explain the design principles and methods. How Architects make sketches, drawings, models, mockups of certain parts of the structures, et cetera to achieve the ultimate design for a particular project.”

You will hear about the importance of a projects location and the materials and the economy involved in its creation.

Lecture where Jan Utzon talks about the Sydney Operahouse – the past, the present and the future

Book Jan to talk about the work of utzon architects

Contact us and let us know what kind of lecture you are interested in.

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