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Jan Utzon about Jørn Utzon

Jan about Jorn utzon

I think back on my life with my father with great joy and love. To be allowed to spend so much time together with such a re­markable man, father and architect, has been a great privilege.

He was the most positive person I have ever met. He never talked about things or people he did not like. Always only positively about what interested him. He hated gossip and slander. He often spoke with great enthusiasm about the heroes in his profession, about the many wonderful people in music and arts that he loved, about people with noble characters, whatever their status in our society. He was the ever-inquisitive person. Nothing escaped his keen eye. He observed the world around him with extraordinary clearness.

From a multitude of sources of inspiration, be it the pyra­mids of Mexico, the temple compounds of China, the half­timbered farms of Denmark, the branch of a tree, the leaf on the stem of a flower, a stone from the beach, patterns in the snow, the slant of the sunlight, from music, sculpture, painting and the humanistic thought of great philosophers, he created a world of his own, a legacy of great and modest buildings that are ours to enjoy, far beyond his lifetime.

At home he was forever the playful and inspiring father and husband. Time was never boring in his company. He al­ways had something to tell. Something he had seen on his way through the forest, somebody he had met, an idea he was developing, forever drawing the rest of the family into his wonderful world of ideas and ideals.

My father’s energy, zest for life and compassion for his fel­low man enriched the lives of everyone he was in touch with. The underlying humane spirit in the buildings he created has contributed very positively to the lives of all those who are the fortunate users of these buildings, and will do so in many years to come. Through his work, his ideas and ideals and his love for his family and his fellow man, he will live on in our minds and our hearts.

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