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How we work

Through an open and intelligent dialogue with our client, the authorities, other consultants and the contractors, we are committed to utmost attention to the entire creative process, from the clients brief until the finished project.

We infuse our projects with a character that ensures our client a better value, than the mere function and materials used suggests.

To match the right design with the right surroundings and caring for the location is the due diligence of an architect.

In every project, we also focus on economy, sustainability and the future life of the project. We carefully consider materials and details for their expected life and maintenance.

Our main checkpoints during the creation of a project are:

Does the project deliver everything expected by our client? – Can we make it better?
Does the project comply with the agreed budget? – Can we do better?
Can the project be realized within the agreed timeframe?
Will the project, when realized, bring joy to its users and to the people around it whose lives are going to be influenced by its existence.
Does the way in which the project is placed in its setting add to its value, not only for its client and users but also for the surrounding society?
Will this project benefit the society?

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